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Intellipur® by Purfresh

With the changing market dynamics and increased global pressures, the need for transparency throughout the shipping industry has reached a completely new level. Purfresh's cloud-based proprietary software, Intellipur, provides role-based real-time atmospheric conditions inside the reefer, location data, automatic alerts, and detailed trip report—offering growers, manufacturers, ocean carriers, and retailers the competitive advantage.

Real-time monitoring and alerts provide the ability to minimize cargo damage by taking corrective action while the reefer is at sea or in port. Throughout the trip, satellite and/or GSM signals are sent from the Purfresh panel to Purfresh's 24/7 data center. When unexpected conditions occur, such as changes in temperature, relative humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ozone, users automatically receive an alert sent to their computer or smart phone.

At the end of the voyage, comprehensive post-voyage reports are available and provide valuable information about the container's atmospheric conditions during the trip including temperature, humidity, ozone levels, and respiration. In addition, trip reports highlight exactly when and where power-off events occurred, offering additional insight into the voyage.

Available as a per-trip or contracted service, everyone – from the grower/manufacturer to the consumer – benefits from augmented transparency, fewer losses, and higher-quality arrivals.

About Purfresh

As the sole provider of actively enhanced atmosphere technology and comprehensively documented real-time monitoring and control, Purfresh makes ocean transport a viable option even for the most sensitive cargo. Shippers of fresh produce, meat, flowers, and other high value cargo choose the Purfresh patent-pending technology to mitigate risk, open new markets and reduce transport costs, while protecting valuable freight. In a very real sense, Purfresh allows companies to profitably reach global markets.

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